My creative week and two new artworks…

Hello Everyone. First of all…..a big thank you to all who got a copy of my FREE ebook on how to sell your art online! Feeling really chuffed about it. 🙂 There’s still chance to get a copy at the link below. It’s a basic few steps for hobby artists & creatives (and photographers) whoContinue reading “My creative week and two new artworks…”

Selling your art online

I’ve just written a brand new FREE ebook on how to sell your art online. It’s a basic few steps for hobby artists & creatives (and photographers) who would like to start selling online but have no idea where to start. I know when I started delving into the online world I would run aroundContinue reading “Selling your art online”

Modifying or altering an image by copying and pasting in your photo editor

Just a quick post today with an image I’ve been working on called ‘A Visitor to the Woods’. I loved the shape of the trees in this photo so added a model & wanted her to be rising up amongst the trees. But, her dress was too short! Lol. Well that didn’t deter me. IContinue reading “Modifying or altering an image by copying and pasting in your photo editor”

Choosing your photo or fine art paper

Paper for printing your artwork When you print your artwork you have to think about the type of paper to use. Photographic paper is fine in matte or gloss but I prefer using a fine art paper for my work. The first I tried was Hahnmuhle Photo Rag fine art paper. It turned out beautifully!Continue reading “Choosing your photo or fine art paper”

My ideas for printing and sizing digital artwork images

Dimensions The size and resolution of an image affects print quality. It is best to start with a larger digital canvas image as you can always decrease the width and height without affecting the quality. Vice-versa, your images will become pixelated and possibly distorted if you try to enlarge a small image! One thing thatContinue reading “My ideas for printing and sizing digital artwork images”

Printing your Digital Artwork & Photos

Rather than leaving your digital fine artwork/photos sitting on the computer (which I do quite frequently…Lol), why not print a few out and put them up on display at your house! You could even have an ‘Art Gallery Evening’ and invite your friends round for an aperitif or dare I say dinner! Who knows whatContinue reading “Printing your Digital Artwork & Photos”

Horse in Abstract

Art for the weekend! Trying out some new abstract paint textures and overlays for this horse artwork. It took a long time to line up and fit the textures to the horse but I managed in the end. First I selected some abstract paintbrush strokes in corel paint shop, and layered them onto the horseContinue reading “Horse in Abstract”

Using Texture Overlays on photos to get a different style

Often I like to give my photos a different style: vintage, glamour, warm, grunge etc. I took this particular photo in Italy and decided to give it an overlay texture for a more weathered look. First I brought the image up in Corel paint shop pro 9, added a layer (more on layers and blendContinue reading “Using Texture Overlays on photos to get a different style”

Creating a Monochrome Photo Composite Collage

Sometimes the photo you are editing is the wrong size or shape or you want to give more depth or interest to it. When I did a course by Sebastian Michaels (photo artistry expert and instructor) & Brooke Shaden (a fantastic artist) I learnt to add on extra parts to a photo composite. Basically youContinue reading “Creating a Monochrome Photo Composite Collage”