My creative week and two new artworks…

Hello Everyone. First of all…..a big thank you to all who got a copy of my FREE ebook on how to sell your art online! Feeling really chuffed about it. 🙂 There’s still chance to get a copy at the link below. It’s a basic few steps for hobby artists & creatives (and photographers) whoContinue reading “My creative week and two new artworks…”

My ideas for printing and sizing digital artwork images

Dimensions The size and resolution of an image affects print quality. It is best to start with a larger digital canvas image as you can always decrease the width and height without affecting the quality. Vice-versa, your images will become pixelated and possibly distorted if you try to enlarge a small image! One thing thatContinue reading “My ideas for printing and sizing digital artwork images”

Creating a Monochrome Photo Composite Collage

Sometimes the photo you are editing is the wrong size or shape or you want to give more depth or interest to it. When I did a course by Sebastian Michaels (photo artistry expert and instructor) & Brooke Shaden (a fantastic artist) I learnt to add on extra parts to a photo composite. Basically youContinue reading “Creating a Monochrome Photo Composite Collage”

Using mock-ups to give a visual representation of your art

I haven’t used mock-ups much in showing my art, but realize it gives the viewer (client) an idea of how the piece of artwork might look in different settings/contexts or living spaces. A mock-up is also useful to give an idea of the size of the artwork and how it will enhance a room asContinue reading “Using mock-ups to give a visual representation of your art”

Using a Mosaic effect in art, designs or photographs

I really love the effect that mosaic can give designs. Here I’ve used the effect to give the background some sparkle & interest. The model in this piece is looking at a butterfly & I gave her some wings too. I actually created the wings using a plant photo resource. As usual, I had aContinue reading “Using a Mosaic effect in art, designs or photographs”

Green Shades for new version design

Just been adding some green texture shades to my piece from yesterday (the collage-style artwork). Not sure which I prefer, would probably depend on your home decor & interior design style of the room. The design resource I used was a ‘lush green texture’. I brushed out some of the effects it gave as itContinue reading “Green Shades for new version design”