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Whimsical Mary visits an art gallery

Just a quick post today. It’s already a busy week and it’s only Monday….. I did this whimsical piece a while ago. I really enjoy throwing images together sometimes that don’t have a real meaning and seeing what comes up.

Abstract Horse 2

Decided to add more brush strokes to the horse to make it a bit more painterly. Not sure if I like it as much as the other one…Lol

Horse in Abstract

Art for the weekend! Trying out some new abstract paint textures and overlays for this horse artwork. It took a long time to line up and fit the textures to the horse but I managed in the end. First I selected some abstract paintbrush strokes in corel paint shop, and layered them onto the horseContinue reading “Horse in Abstract”

Terrace with a View

I took this photo a while ago near Frascati in Italy. I added a couple of frescoes on the wall of the house to give it an antique look and a flying clock in the sky for a bit more atmosphere.

Art Deco Lady

Continuing mockup art or photo display ideas. Here I used a vintage style mockup room to display this art deco lady print so you can get an idea of what it looks like in an actual room setting. I suppose the pros of having a mockup room is that you can see the dimensions ofContinue reading “Art Deco Lady”


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