Horse in Abstract

Art for the weekend! Trying out some new abstract paint textures and overlays for this horse artwork. It took a long time to line up and fit the textures to the horse but I managed in the end. First I selected some abstract paintbrush strokes in corel paint shop, and layered them onto the horseContinue reading “Horse in Abstract”

Using Texture Overlays on photos to get a different style

Often I like to give my photos a different style: vintage, glamour, warm, grunge etc. I took this particular photo in Italy and decided to give it an overlay texture for a more weathered look. First I brought the image up in Corel paint shop pro 9, added a layer (more on layers and blendContinue reading “Using Texture Overlays on photos to get a different style”

Creating a Monochrome Photo Composite Collage

Sometimes the photo you are editing is the wrong size or shape or you want to give more depth or interest to it. When I did a course by Sebastian Michaels (photo artistry expert and instructor) & Brooke Shaden (a fantastic artist) I learnt to add on extra parts to a photo composite. Basically youContinue reading “Creating a Monochrome Photo Composite Collage”

Using mock-ups to give a visual representation of your art

I haven’t used mock-ups much in showing my art, but realize it gives the viewer (client) an idea of how the piece of artwork might look in different settings/contexts or living spaces. A mock-up is also useful to give an idea of the size of the artwork and how it will enhance a room asContinue reading “Using mock-ups to give a visual representation of your art”

Poppies & Leaves

I’ve spent a few, fun hours dabbling with Corel Painter 2019. I followed a tutorial based on Monet’s water lilies and came up with: ‘Poppies & Leaves’. First of all I painted the background with the digital watercolour brushes and a wash effect, then added the leaves and poppies which come from a set ofContinue reading “Poppies & Leaves”

Musings on the art of Conceptual Photography.

I recently wrote this article for a UK-based magazine which focusses on photography and photo art. You can see it here if you like: Photographers come in all shapes and sizes. And thank goodness they do!  Those that prefer reality, those that do portraiture, photo-journalism, wedding photography, new-born baby photography, landscapes, photo art etc.Continue reading “Musings on the art of Conceptual Photography.”

Using a Mosaic effect in art, designs or photographs

I really love the effect that mosaic can give designs. Here I’ve used the effect to give the background some sparkle & interest. The model in this piece is looking at a butterfly & I gave her some wings too. I actually created the wings using a plant photo resource. As usual, I had aContinue reading “Using a Mosaic effect in art, designs or photographs”