My Creative week, a bit of fashion art and some updates about my Online Course journey

Having fun this week with a digital art composition I created. I took the photograph in Rome (obviously….Lol) and added these gorgeous ladies as their designer suits (from the 50s??) and colours just leapt out at me! I can just imagine them strutting and strolling down Via Condotti in all their finery. I may do some reworking of the image as the typography didn’t turn out as well as I expected. So I’ll call it a work in progress for the moment.

Just in case you missed this…last month I uploaded my brand new FREE eBook with a few practical ideas on how to sell your art and crafts online and it had a great response…thank you. Quite a few readers downloaded the pdf eBook. The photo I used on the cover was taken from the aircraft taking me to England, the last time I managed to get there from Italy before the lockdown.

You can still receive the eBook for free – see below!  It’s a basic few steps for hobby artists, crafters & creatives (and photographers) who would like to start selling online but have no idea where to start. I know when I started delving into the online world I would run around in circles trying to see what worked and what didn’t, ending up with a headache….Lol. I’ve since had some positive feedback including a delightful response from an art gallery in London, U.K. who said it had helped their artists enormously. If this small eBook points you in the right direction as well that will make me really happy!

It’s called – Learn to sell your art in 3 easy steps and the link is here.

And if you want to go into even more detail you can enrol in my online course  Selling your art and crafts online ‘The Essentials’ beginners course (the link is here).

Delighted if you let me know how you get on! I’m always grateful for feedback.

Happy Creating xx


Vivien’s Creativity Lab

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