A Creative Idea on how to approach new potential customers online

As a visual artist (crafter/writer etc.) have you ever thought of giving potential clients a free digital download of a piece of your artwork (or tutorial of a craft item or one chapter/page of your book) that they can print out at home? You can download Mauve Orchids free here! It’s a great way to make yourself known if you are new to selling online. You can post it on your social media outlets, pin it on pinterest, and write about it on your blog. When you post it you could add a description about what inspired you, the story behind it, the materials you used, a character in your book…. and why it is so special to you. People love receiving giveaways (I know I do….Lol) and it gives you the chance to interact with people. Naturally don’t give away one of your most precious pieces, a nice print or interesting tutorial about your craft item or summary of your book will suffice.

 A while ago I took part in a giveaway gifts tweet session (I was following various hashtags* for art and other creative items) and offered one of my pieces of art for download to a random winner at the end of the session (it was something like ‘giveaway Sunday’ with a hashtag to that effect). Well, in return all participants tweeted their giveaway products and by ‘liking & retweeting’ everyone else’s work you became part of a large group sharing all kinds of product ideas, artwork and craft items. The winner of my art print gave me their email and I sent them the link to download the file. I was chuffed when I got a lovely thank you note back!

Anyway, to thank you for reading the whole article….Lol…. here’s a small giveaway print of ‘Mauve Orchids’ for you to download HERE.

Have a Creative week everyone and for those of you that would like to delve a bit more into the world of selling art and crafts online, I’ve also created a more in-depth course:

Selling your art and crafts online ‘The Essentials’ beginners course which you can see here, if you like

Vivien xoxo

Oh yes. Just to remind you that I’m not affiliated to anyone mentioned in the post.

(If you’re not familiar with hashtags, they’re a word or phrase preceded by a hash sign (#), used on some social media websites to identify digital content on a specific topic  e.g. #art)

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