Selling your art online (quick re-blog) in case …

You didn’t get your free copy last month. I’ve just written a brand new FREE ebook on how to sell your art online. It’s a basic few steps for hobby artists & creatives (and photographers) who would like to start selling online but have no idea where to start. I know when I started delving into the online world I would run around in circles trying to see what worked and what didn’t, ending up with a headache….Lol. If this small ebook points you in the right direction that will make me really happy! You’ll find it gives you a few starter tips to move in the right direction.

I’ve called the FREE ebook Viviens Creativity Lab – Learn to sell your art in 3 easy steps and the link is here.

Delighted if you let me know how you get on!

Happy Creating xx

By the way, the featured image is my attempt at a Monet style……hope you like it!

13 thoughts on “Selling your art online (quick re-blog) in case …

  1. Your brochure on selling online has no information about where to sell. I took a course in how to sell my art which did not help. I already know how to create the correct sizes to upload, etc. You left out advertising and social media. I have tried to sell on several sites, such as Etsy and never sold anything. I tried making books too.

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    1. Hi Sherry, thank you so much for your feedback! Really appreciate it. My tiny freebie ebook just has a smattering of intro points for artists to consider. I didn’t go in depth as I imagine first time artist sellers get overwhelm, like I did in the beginning..Lol. I hope to follow up with more in depth information on various points and include advertising and social media techniques as well. So sorry to hear you didn’t have a good experience with etsy etc. I’d love to read more about your books, let me know! Have a lovely day. And, thanks again for taking the time to give me precious feedback. Vivien

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  2. This is fabulous Vivien and love your website as well. I would like to share this with our artists from The Arts Project in here in London in our next Newsletter. Would that be ok with you?

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