My ideas for printing and sizing digital artwork images


The size and resolution of an image affects print quality. It is best to start with a larger digital canvas image as you can always decrease the width and height without affecting the quality. Vice-versa, your images will become pixelated and possibly distorted if you try to enlarge a small image!

One thing that has caused me all kinds of hiccups is the actual size of image I want. I’ve learned my lesson and now start each piece of art in the size of the final piece otherwise resizing can become a nightmare and you might lose resolution and quality.  Obviously if you’re doing traditional art you know what size canvas you are working on, whereas with digital fine art it can be tempting to start on a small size and then resize later on and lose quality and resolution. I find it best to use a standard size so your online printer service/local print service/your own printer will have fewer problems during the process.


Resolution is the amount of visual details contained in an image. I use 300 dpi (dots per inch) for my own artwork. And for larger art prints I often use 150/200 dpi as the difference in print quality is not very noticeable especially when you look at prints from further away.

If you are uploading your own art to social media or blogs, make sure you use a lower resolution image.

I started out printing my images at 12” x 12” and used an online printing service in the U.K. When I ordered my first four prints I had no idea how they would turn out! I didn’t even know about the hundreds of different papers you can choose from. This brings us to my next blog post….choosing your photo or fine art paper?

I’m always delighted to receive any feedback or comments!

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  1. Your post was very helpful. I have recently been looking into fine art printing for my digital art. I have had people asking if I can provide prints of my digital art for them. Thank you much for the helpful information. Your creations are amazing!

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