Using Texture Overlays on photos to get a different style

Often I like to give my photos a different style: vintage, glamour, warm, grunge etc. I took this particular photo in Italy and decided to give it an overlay texture for a more weathered look. First I brought the image up in Corel paint shop pro 9, added a layer (more on layers and blend modes in another post) of a monochrome texture with cracks and lines set to blend mode multiply. I lowered the opacity at this stage. I then used a curves adjustment layer to bring out more of the white and finally added a hatch texture on top.

Here is the before and after photo with the adjustments.

The original photo
This is the ‘after’ photo with a grunge texture overlay & hatch, grainy texture added

6 thoughts on “Using Texture Overlays on photos to get a different style

  1. Nice work. (Though I won’t get into that. If I do I’m dead! I already spend enough time on Photoshop, cropping, editing, adjusting light, I can’t start experimenting those wonderful effects!)
    Take care

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