Creating a Monochrome Photo Composite Collage

Sometimes the photo you are editing is the wrong size or shape or you want to give more depth or interest to it. When I did a course by Sebastian Michaels (photo artistry expert and instructor) & Brooke Shaden (a fantastic artist) I learnt to add on extra parts to a photo composite. Basically you select parts from your original photograph (using corel paint shop pro, photoshop or similar) and add/paste them to the top (or bottom/sides) of it. So, in this case, I selected the trees from the original photo (I made three different selections as it’s easier to work with smaller chunks) and copy and pasted them to the top of the original photo. The whole part above the hat is the brand new part of the photo. Oh yes, I added the hat too! You can see the before edit here:

Before adding more trees/foliage at the top

As I use corel paint shop pro I created a new document (the size I wanted the final composition to be). I then copied and pasted the original photo to the new document and pasted the new tree selections above the original photo (above the hat). To get rid of the lines between the collaged parts (and make them appear more natural and part of a whole) I used a mask to blend everything in. You need a bit of patience to get the composition just right, but it’s well worth it in the end!

‘After’ editing

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