Musings on the art of Conceptual Photography.

I recently wrote this article for a UK-based magazine which focusses on photography and photo art. You can see it here if you like:

Photographers come in all shapes and sizes. And thank goodness they do!  Those that prefer reality, those that do portraiture, photo-journalism, wedding photography, new-born baby photography, landscapes, photo art etc.

Since the first softwares came on the scene, photo manipulation has become a great trend. There are some real geniuses out there just waiting to be googled.

Another theme is Conceptual Photography, a growing photography genre in which the artist/photographer takes a photograph or series of photographs and makes a composition of a concept or idea. In this type of photography you try to convey a concept, meaning, story or message through a composition of photographs. Sometimes the idea or concept comes first and at times the photograph lends itself to a theme, story or concept. Different props and extravagant costumes can be important at any stage. As is great lighting!

Basically the idea is to get the viewer to seek a meaning in the composition and sometimes just enjoy viewing this visual story feast!

 Here is an example of Concept Photography which I did using a photo I took in Genoa, Italy and a fabulous ‘The Colby Files’ model. (You can find this master of model photography online and purchase his wonderful model photographs at Naturally if you have your own model you can use that in the composition (just make sure you have commercial rights/model release form to use the photo).

I’m only an amateur hobby photographer, but enjoy making my own backgrounds and textures to add to a scene and then I often use a model photograph or an unexpected item to render my idea or theme and finish off doing some post production work. Actually I say I’m not a trained photographer but I do take a lot of photos (mainly on my smartphone) to incorporate images into my concepts and then choose a model from stock photography to give the final composition a unique feel to it.

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