Using a Mosaic effect in art, designs or photographs

I really love the effect that mosaic can give designs. Here I’ve used the effect to give the background some sparkle & interest. The model in this piece is looking at a butterfly & I gave her some wings too. I actually created the wings using a plant photo resource.

As usual, I had a hard time coming up with a colour scheme. Photoshop has ‘Luts’, which are colour look-up tables, basically colours that harmonize together, used to create effects & give colour grading. In this piece I’m using Corel Paint shop pro where things work a little differently (they have colour harmonies) – at least in my version Corel paint shop pro 9.

To achieve a colour effect what I sometimes do is put a layer of colour on the top of everything (on top of all the layers) and then use an overlay, soft light or multiply blend mode which will give the piece an aura of the colour I’ve chosen. I also change the opacity to give a nice sheen. To apply the mosaic effect I went to: effects – texture effects -mosaic.

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