Struggling to keep up with Social Media

So far today I’ve uploaded a ‘good morning’ image to my twitter friends, checked on my fb art & design groups, been invited to post an image a day for 10 days on my art group, fed the birds, done a bit of cleaning, caught up with family by phone, watched the news, read the news headlines (English & italian), worked on some new designs & now I’m relaxing reading some fabulous wordpress blog posts. One thing that always strikes me is how beautifully other people write. Their articles flow like a meandering stream. Oh, were it like that for me!

So, for me it’s not struggling to keep up with social media, it’s fun. Writing a blog post is fun! Now I just have to hone my writing skills…..anyway, I’m grateful to have the time!

The image of the ‘Swan & the Spectacles’ is one I did for some conceptual, surreal design artwork.

6 thoughts on “Struggling to keep up with Social Media

  1. Hi there! I really enjoy your art and design. What type of concept you were working on when you designed this particular piece? Iā€™m just curious šŸ™‚ thank you for the post!

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    1. Hey Julie. Thank you for your comment. I was doing a series on surreal art & liked the idea of someone (me) looking up at animals in the sky. I have more like this…will post soon. šŸ™‚

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